High School



  • First graduate in his class from the First High School (General Lyceum) of Farsala. (high school diploma: 19 & 7/10, excellent)​


  • Program "Youth Getting to Know Europe" 2003 (Madrid, Toledo). Hellenic Ministry of Education
  • First Award 2004. First High School of Farsala
  • Award "Η Μεγάλη Στιγμή για την Παιδεία" 2004. EFG Eurobank Ergasias​​




  • Highest grade in his class as third-year undergraduate student. (academic year 2006-2007, grade 9,67, excellent)
  • Highest grade in his class as fourth-year undergraduate student. (academic year 2007-2008, grade 9,64, excellent)
  • First graduate among 242 civil engineers. (grade 9,47, excellent)


  • Scholarship 2007. Greek State Scholarships Foundation
  • First Award 2007. Greek State Scholarships Foundation
  • Honorary Scholarship 2008. Greek State Scholarships Foundation
  • First Award 2008. Greek State Scholarships Foundation
  • Thomaideio Award 2008. National Technical University of Athens
  • First Award 2009. Greek State Scholarships Foundation
  • Chrysovergeio Award 2009. National Technical University of Athens
  • First Vogiatzopoulos Award 2009. National Technical University of Athens
  • First Medal 2009 (Prometheus Pyrforos). National Technical University of Athens
  • Honorary Diploma. Technical Chamber of Greece. 12/9/2012
  • Honorary Plaque. Technical Chamber of Greece. 12/9/2012​​

He graduated first among 242 engineers from the School of Civil Engineering in 2009 with Diploma Degree: 9,47 (Excellent). His thesis was evaluated with 10. He received the first medal (Prometheus Pyrforos) and the first award from the Dean of School of Civil Engineering Ioannis Golias and his diploma from his mentor Professor Manolis Papadrakakis (3 June 2010).

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  • First applicant accepted by the Postgraduate Program "Analysis and Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures"
  • First graduate among 54​


  • Scholarship. Foundation for Education and European Culture​
  • Scholarship. Onassis Foundation
  • Thomaideio Award 2013. National Technical University of Athens
  • Honorary distinction. "First DASTA NTUA Competition of Innovation 2013"

Panagiotis on the nationwide TV broadcast "ΣΚΑΪ τώρα".

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He is a Ph.D. candidate working under the guidance of Professor Manolis Papadrakakis at the National Technical University of Athens (Laboratory of Structural Analysis and Seismic Research, Structural Engineering Department, School of Civil Engineering).

He teaches the academic course STATICS ΙΙΙ-Structural Analysis of Framed Structures and has supervised ten theses overall.

Civil Engineer


He is a professional civil engineer and member of the Technical Chamber of Greece.




  • First Award. First Panhellenic Youth Entrepreneurship & Innovation Competition "ideatree" 2014. Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation. 26/06/2014
  • First Honorary Commendation. First DASTA NTUA Competition of Innovation 2013. National Technical University of Athens. 16/12/2014
  • Fellowship. 3rd Angelopoulos CGIU Fellowship 2015
  • Fifth Award. Fifth Panhellenic Competition i-bank “Innovation & Technology” 2015. 21/05/2015
  • Honorary Distinction. Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 11/12/2015
  • Honorary Distinction. Third Applied Research & Innovation Competition "Greece Innovates!" 2015. 23/04/2015
  • Fellowship. Angelopoulos Fellowship Continuation Grant 2016
  • Fellowship. Angelopoulos100. 2016

Karakitsios on the TV program hosted by Fanis Papathanasiou and Marion Mihelidaki on the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (Friday, 16th October 2015).

Karakitsios on the TV program of SKAI “Πρώτη γραμμή” hosted by Vasilis Lyritzis and Dimitris Oikonomou (Wednesday, 13rd January 2016).

Panagiotis Karakitsios is the Founder & CEO at Geomiso (www.geomiso.com).

Geomiso is the first worldwide fully integrated CAD/ CAE software (disruptive innovation), which solved a major industrial problem (remained unsolved since 1960) bridging the gap between these two global markets, disrupting them and creating high added value for both the engineers and the engineering applications. It utilizes the new technology of isogeometric analysis. It is is able to design and analyse complex CAD models, from a wide spectrum of applications (automotive, aerospace, naval engineering, defence, architecture, construction, consumer products, biomechanics). Therefore, engineering applications end up being better and more optimized.

Geomiso is creating the new generation of engineers, more familiar with CAD.

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