Seismic Isolation to Athens Stock Exchange General Index

The mass immigration of young Greek scientists is an inevitable consequence of the Greek socio-economic crisis. Despite the fact that it is unusual in the case of the graduates of National Technical University of Athens, it still happens.

The National Technical University of Athens offers studies of high quality and gives the opportunity for further academic evolution and an eminent career, which is worthy to the top American and European universities. This is a major advantage for the NTUA graduates, who have free access to valuable knowledge.

Unfortunately, the answer to the frequently asked question “What comes after your diploma?” is a Master of Science in Management abroad. This is the general trend.

If a graduate decides to continue his studies abroad, he must choose the right university, the right postgraduate program and the appropriate Professor for his thesis. We are the ones, who choose our studies! It is really disappointing that numerous graduates have invested time and money in their studies in low-quality universities abroad, when they could continue their studies in NTUA and build a career in Greece. What we need is to turn crisis into an opportunity.​

Panagiotis Karakitsios
Athens, Tuesday, December 3, 2013, 15:46